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Our Clients



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Virtue approached us to complete a web application started by a local web development firm. Virtue is a platform to allow many businesses to have a professional health and risk evaluation on potential new employees.

"Stuart has been an absolute godsend. His hard work and determination got us out of a really tough spot when our previous website company went under leaving a project half finished. I can thoroughly recommend Stuart, he works to timescales and budget, which is a rare thing amongst web developers and he is always available to speak to." - Nick Hodson - Virtue

Opel Manta Owners Club Forum


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The Opel Manta Owners Club contacted us for help to rejuvenate their forum and website. We have completed a migration from PHPbb3 to IP.Board 3.0.0, a far superior forum system.

William Parker School


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William Parker School approached us to create a new website for students, teachers and parents.

William Parker School requested an easy-to-use, self managed website that all of their staff could update.

Gullane Leisure Furniture


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Gullane Leisure Furniture Ltd. needed to source a solution for cataloguing their products for clients without the necessity of multiple brochures and paperwork.

A database driven online brochure, which contains all the information from the original brochure and more, was created to achieve this. The client is able to have complete control over their website via their administrative area.

Fibresports / R&A Design


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Fibresports are a major manufacturer in fibreglass body panels for cars. Their previous website needed dramatically updating to enable showcasing their whole range.

Fibresports required a database driven, dynamic web-catalogue which also contains possibilities for improvement into an trading website should they wish to extend into e-commerce at a later date.

Palmer & Sons Removals


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Palmer & Sons are a Midlands based removal company. Their site needed to stand apart from others being aesthetically pleasing and still providing the visitors with correct information.

With such high demand for similar companies, Palmer & Sons website needed to benefit from high search engine detection, which provided advertising as well as wide accessibility.

Sealability Ltd Intranet

Not accessible to the public

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The Diamond Resources website contains an online catalogue which could be easily transformed into an effective e-commerce website when required. The client has the ability to edit most aspects of the website, such as adding, removing and editing products.

Sealability Ltd


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Sealability is a major contractor, involved in concrete repair, sealant and waterproofing.

The client requested a simple, but professional website containing information about the company within their already established colour scheme.

This site is under ongoing development after a potential for improvements was discovered. The site will be aesthetically the same, but with more administrative options enabling more people access to maintain their own section of the site.

The website also has links to the companies local intranet system.

Nuline Components


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Nuline Components required a low cost, effective website detailing the company. The site can be easily updated through the administrative area.



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This website provides a major online forum, help information, sale sections and galleries for a national Ford Escort owners club. The site is under continual development.