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IP.Board 3 Sitemap Generator Task

About the Sitemap Generator Task

This task was originally updated to accommodate my own forums, due to the demand and the fact that no one has made a new task to address the demand I have decided to enhance this task and release it for use. This task uses built in IP.Board methods for generating FURLS, this means that this task is compatible with custom FURL templates.

The task is Improved and built on Google Sitemap Generator for IPB 2.2 by CheetahShrk,

Version 1.0.5


  • Corrected minor typo in gzip process.

Version 1.0.4


  • Added option to ping ASK! with sitemaps.

Version 1.0.3


  • Localisation bug introduced in 1.0.2 - affects locales that use , as a number seperator.

Version 1.0.2


  • Removed use of old class_XML.php to use the new IP.Board 3, classXML.php method.

Version 1.0.1


  • Fixed an issue where URLS with no SEO Title generated would put old style URLS in sitemap, and not use FURLS

Version 1.0


  • Now uses the database class correctly - uses prefixes correctly.
  • PING function altered to work properly.
  • Added option to choose if GZIP should be used
  • Upgraded to work with IP.Board 3.0.x


  • Bing Ping added
  • Easier to use settings, with forum multi-select
  • Supports IP.Board 3.0.x FURL's & legacy urls

Installation Instructions


Extract the zip file to a location where you can easily upload files from.


Upload the following files to your forum directory.

  • indexsitemap.xml
  • indexsitemap.xml.gz
  • topicsitemap.xml
  • topicsitemap.xml.gz
  • forumsitemap.xml
  • forumsitemap.xml.gz

Upload task/sitemap.php to /yourforumpath/admin/applications/forums/tasks/sitemap.php


CHMOD the above files to 0777

Import XML

Login to your ACP, navigate to 'System Settings' using the upload tool at the bottom of the page navigate to the location where you extracted the ZIP file, in the XML folder select a file called 'import-settings.xml', click Import.

Navigate to 'System > System Scheduler' using the upload tool at the bottom of the page navigate to the location where you extracted the ZIP file, in the XML folder select a file called 'task.xml', click Import.


Navigate to 'System > Tools & Settings > System Settings > Forums Tab > Sitemap Generator' you can select which forums you wish to include in the sitemap, any forum you select here will make the topic titles visible to anyone, ideally you would only select forums that Guests can view.

Enable GZIP will compress the sitemaps to save bandwidth when search engines access them, this switch will not work if your server does not support compression.

You can choose which search engines you wish to ping (notify when your sitemap has been built), occasionally on shared servers the Yahoo ping may fail due to rate limiting (if other sites are using Yahoo Apis).

Run the Task

Browse to 'System > System Scheduler > Forums Tab' click to run the Sitemaps task to verify it is installed properly.
You can check the task logs to make sure that it ran correctly.


If you already have this task installed, you only need to upload the sitemap.php task to /admin/applications/forums/tasks/sitemap.php making sure you overwrite the old task, then import task.xml and settings.xml as above in the installation instructions.